Sustainable Habits

Extending sustainability to habits— set reachable goals.

Just like any goal, a sustainable life is something that you have to work toward. One mistake that many who want to start being a bit more eco-friendly make is trying to jump right in without first informing themselves— they immediately try to have a ‘trash jar’ and get discouraged when it fills up in a week.

All eco-guilt and discouragement do is hurt the Earth by making less people inclined to help it. We want to avoid this at all costs, which is why it’s important to set achievable goals in your sustainable journey. Many advise starting with just one practice/swap a month to make sure your new habits stick. One simple thing you can start with is a car caddy— a little container in your car where you can keep a set of cutlery, a reusable cup, your reusable bags, and any other eco-item you may need on the go. If you already have it with you, you’re 1000x more likely to use it.

Personally, I like to track all the habits I want to build (and have already built) on Notion. If you’d like to see a tour of my account, you can watch it here:

What are your opinions on setting goals? What Green habits do you want to build? Let me know down below!

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