Hobbies to Pick up During the Pandemic

Three Eco-Friendly Hobbies to Pick Up During the Pandemic

Pandemic fatigue is something that almost everyone has had to deal with. It’s hard to get motivated to do some of the things we used to enjoy while things go downhill in the world around us. One way to combat the effects of pandemic fatigue is to pick up a new, safe hobby, and it’s a plus if that hobby is also safe for the earth. If you’ve been searching for a new environmentally conscious activity, look no further: here are three that are sure to fill your newfound free time effectively.


You’ve heard about thrifting old clothes, but what about paintings? If it’s safe to do so in your area, pop into your local thrift shop and get an old piece of art to repaint. It comes with its own cool frame most times, and it’s a great way to repurpose materials. And if you’re weary about covering old art, I promise it’s okay. Plenty of old canvasses are just waiting for someone like you to love them again. Have any old canvasses at home you were considering tossing? You could repaint those, too!


Of course, as an ecoblogger, one of the first hobbies I always recommend to others is gardening. It’s so fulfilling to grow your own food and then eat it (even if it’s just a mint leaf in your mojito ?.) It also saves you money at the grocery store. With more and more ways to garden coming out (hydroponics, anyone?) it’s an age old hobby that you might enjoy during this difficult time.


Does this count as a hobby? It definitely is a good way to spend your time, as if helps your body, your brain, and the earth, possibly. An old teacher of mine used to walk every morning, and she’d always collect little coins on her way. In a year she found about 50 bucks when added all together (and I thought, man would I like to live in her neighborhood). Might you pick up bits of garbage on your way? Or possibly find some money as well? Find some change, make some change!

Those were three suggestions that I’m looking forward to trying out to keep me sane while the world burns. What have you been up to? And how have you been feeling? Let me know!


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