Yes You Can


Yes You Can:

Why canned food is one of the top eco friendly and pocket friendly option at the grocery store

Arguably, the most important thing everyone (who is fortunate enough to do) does is eat. What we eat affects our health, our wallets, and the Earth. It’s no surprise, then, that the question on many people’s minds when they step into a grocery store is “what to buy?”. Turns out, when it comes to health, your wallet and the earth, canned foods may be your best bet.

Your Health

Fruits and veggies are, of course, vital for good health. But when it comes time to buy them for your pantry, fresh may not always the the best option. Canned food lasts longer than fresh by a landslide, and it keeps a lot of nutrients (especially in the case of veggies and fruits) in the liquid. Fresh produce, on the other hand, loses nutrients as it ages. And let’s be honest: you’re not gonna eat all 16 of those oranges as soon as you buy them.

Your Wallet

Because fresh produce has such a low shelf life, a lot of it often gets wasted, costing you your hard earned dollars. Picture it: you funnily get around to making that delicious peach cobbler you’ve been craving, only to find that all your peaches are moldy. For this scenario to occur with cans, you’d have to have a super strong procrastination game— most canned foods have a shelf life of 2-5 years. There’s also the fact that canned foods are a lot cheaper than other variations, making them a double help to your funds.

The Earth

Now for the big one: Mother Earth. How do cans match up? Pretty well, actually. As we’ve seen, most ‘fresh’ produce is either packaged in plastic or packed with toxins. Frozen foods almost always are sealed in plastic— even the ones that come in boxes are often accompanied by a plastic package tucked inside. But cans? Since they’re made of tin, they’re both versatile and easy to recycle. There may not be much you can do with the slimy, wet, leftover bag from your frozen carrots, but there are so many tutorials online showing ways to repurpose cans. And if you’re not in the DIY mood, cans are one if the most recycled metals, with about 25% of most cans being made of recycled material.

Cans are good for you, your coin purse, and our home the Earth. So the next time you reach for that fresh bag of produce you may or may not get the chance to get through, consider the canned version instead.

What do you all think about canned foods? Do you think the taste plays a factor? Let me know down below!

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