Best Websites for Ecobloggers


Best Websites for the Up and Coming Ecoblogger

I am an up and coming ecoblogger, and these are the websites that really helped me to get started. If you don’t have an ecoblog yet, but are thinking about starting one, save this post for later! I promise it’ll come in handy.


If you don’t know about Ecosia yet, I’ve got quite the treat for you. Ecosia is the perfect website to start of the list because it allows you to be eco-friendly whilst still being pocket friendly. It’s a search engine, like Google, but unlike Google it has teamed up with organizations like Eden Reforestation Project to plant trees every time someone searches. It costs nothing to us, but can mean everything to Earth’s biosphere.


Feedspot is an RSS reader dedicated to streamlining your blog-reading (or other media consuming) experience. Why is this helpful for the up and coming blogger, you ask? The website has a lot of lists, and one of them is the Top Eco Blogs of 2020. I found this list extremely helpful because it allowed me to find many more creators in my niche, all in one place. Eco Friendly, Pocket Friendly is actually on this list, sitting at number 85. Thank you, Feedspot!


Much like the last website, pingroupie can help you find more blogs in your niche. The difference is that they show you via group boards on Pinterest, instead of actual websites. This is vital for the growing ecoblogger, because group boards get your pins a lot more traffic, which translates into more page views for you! I’ve started my own group board that you’re free to join (given you’re an ecoblogger). You can find it on pingroupie, or by searching my Pinterest name (ecopocket). Let’s connect!


Have you ever heard of Inbox Dollars? Trip Earth is a lot like that website, in that they both pay you to view emails. But one thing Inbox Dollars doesn’t do (as far as I’m aware) is give you the option to plant trees with the money you make. This website is still up and coming, so be sure to check it out when it’s officially released!

Have anymore good websites? Let me know down below; I’d love to try them out!

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