Diy Reusable Tote


Make Your Own Reusable Tote

Don’t want to shell out the money to buy a fabric grocery store bag? Make you own at home for free.

Step 1.

Find a Pre- loved (by you, or by someone else!) t shirt that you want to make into a bag. You can choose one with a design, but I opted for plain white.


(Here’s my old shirt from a 5k I walked that was too big. If you want a less wide bag, choose a shirt that’s smaller.)

Step 2.

Cut the shirt just under the sleeves and choose which side you want to display. Once you’ve chosen, flip the garnet inside out.


(Or you can cut it where you want, depending on how long you want your bag to be.)

Step 3.

Get out your needle and thread (check your grandma’s cookie tin if you don’t have any on hand) and get to sowing. I don’t have a showing machine, so I had to do it by hand. It made it easier to bunch, like this.


(This was a little harder than I expected, especially after double knotting the thread. Tip: use a thicker needle than I did!

(This is my finished stitching. As you can see, even complete amateurs can make this bag.)

Step 4.

Flip the sack so that the threads are on the inside. From your cut shirt, cut two fabric strips and attach them to the corners of the bag, either by sowing or punching a small hole (I did it with a thick pen) and tying them through. Then you’re done! Enjoy your reusable tote!


(I ended up hanging mine on the door so I could remember to take it with me in my way to the store.)

Did you make this? Will you? Let me know in the comments below!


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