6 Ways to Reuse Litter



Not So Single Use Plastics: How to Reuse the Litter You Already Have

No matter how eco-friendly we try to be, accumulating a few single use plastics in inevitable. Here’s a list of 6 ways to reuse or avoid them.


Going to a party? Before you reach for the balloons, consider the repercussions. Best case scenario; the balloons deflate I time and you throw them in the garbage. Worst: They fly away and create litter on land and in bodies of water. Consider bubbles instead—they’re fun (especially for kids), you get make some that are as large as balloons, and, most importantly, they don’t create any waste.

Fruit Snacks

Recently, my mother brought a big box of individually packaged fruit snacks for my little sister, and to be honest, I didn’t even think twice about the amount of waste that creates until writing this post. There have to be about 5o little bags in there! Next time, I’ll try to convince her to opt for either real fruit (frozen grapes can pass for candy!) or snacks from a bulk food store.


While not necessarily a single use, the bristles are made to be short-term. Done with your old plastic toothbrush? Kill the bacteria with bleach and use it to scrub hard-to-reach places like grout and window compartments.



Forgot your metal straw at home? Not in the position to buy some? That’s perfectly fine; whatever you can do is valid and appreciated. You can still wash your old plastic straw and melt one end to seal it. You now have a travel-sized compartment for small things like spices or shampoo (don’t forget to seal the other side, then snip when you’re ready to use!

Styrofoam Containers

I hate Styrofoam. It’s ugly, wasteful, and flimsy. But even I- a Styrofoam hater- am guilty of getting some takeout and having to toss a Styrofoam container. (even though I do not stand by the idea of eco-guilt, because I think it’s discouraging.) If you do end up with one of them, you can reuse them as either planters, planter filters (for pots without drainage holes) or custom stamps. Just etch you design into the material, lightly paint over it, and stamp! I’m thinking about using this technique to release some reusable totes!

Water Bottles

Refilling them once or twice shouldn’t do any harm, but excessive reuse might possibly have negative health effects. Instead, you can punch holes in them to propagate succulents, puncture the top to make a ‘watering can’, cut them in the middle to make little planters (or cups to hold paint water, brushes, etc.) The possibilities are endless!

What single use plastics have you reused? Let me know down below!

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