Why Everyone Can’t Go Vegan

                            Why Everyone Can’t Go Vegan

It can be frustrating when others don’t make the choices you expect them to, but they have good reasons why.


Economic reasons

Some government assistance programs, like EBT cards and WIC, specify which kinds of food participants can receive for free. Usually, the options include cows milk and cheese (with no vegan alternatives.) It’s unthinkable to ask them to simply go without— this may be the only food source for a family.


Health Reasons

It’s impossible to know everyone’s personal health details, and even if we could, it’s not our place. Some may have allergies to certain foods, vitamin deficiencies, and other syndromes (such as IBS, a gluten allergy, or a doctor’s advising that one go one a low-carb diet) that make going vegan way harder for them than it is for others. In the end, it’s important for each individual to listen to the recommendations made by their doctor– if done without a consultation, going vegan could result in some negative health effects for some.



Some aren’t in the position to buy their own food, or don’t have access to vegan products and foods where they live. Some rely on foods with non-vegan ingredients to survive.



Some people can decide to go vegan, and others can’t. In the end, it’s impossible to know everyone’s unique circumstances. Instead, we can focus on our own personal choices and those of the governments, corporations, and large businesses who are mainly to blame for things like global warming and climate change.

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  1. Really liked this post, I agree that some persons are probably not in the positions to buy vegan foods or being able to afford them. At the end of the day, it is a choice for persons, not a must. Great post! ?

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