Homemade Deodorant: Worth the Stench?



Homemade Deodorant: Worth the Stench?

I won’t be coy about this one; for me the answer is a resounding no. There are plenty of recipes online for making a sustainable (and cheap) deodorant at home, but while that sounds fantastic, the smell does not follow suit. Of course, everyone’s body is different, and so what does (or doesn’t) work for me may not react similarly with someone else, so please take this post with a grain of salt—and maybe try it before you decide for yourself. But in most cases, your body takes a while to get used to the all-natural deodorant, meaning for a few days or a few weeks, your pits might be going undeodorized.  For me, this was not an option. But maybe during this quarantine, if you live alone or have little concern for the noses of those who live with you, you could give it a try.

If, like me, you hate the thought of being even slightly stinky, but still want to reduce a tiny fraction of you r ecological footprint, I have a recommendation. The next time you run out, instead of picking up another plastic tube of antiperspirant full of chemicals—not to say that chemicals are bad, but you have to be careful what you put under your arms because the tissue there contains hormone receptors, so some of what you apply can make its way into your body—you can opt for a deodorant bar. Usually wrapped in paper, these bars last for a long time, smell great, and can be cheap, depending of which one you get. The one I’ve tried most recently is from lush, a company known for its environmentally safe production. I love it! It has a powdery consistency, which was a bit strange at first, but I’ve found that it really keeps you dry, which is, ultimately, the goal.

Have you made your own deodorant? How did it go? Spill your dirty—or fresh? —secrets in the comments down below!

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