Clean Eating 101: How to Start Eating Healthier on A Budget



Clean Eating 101: How to Start Eating Healthier on A Budget

A Basic, No-Rules Guide For Long Lasting Health

Diets and hardcore exercise routines may be good for quick weight loss, but in order to truly keep off the packing pounds, it’s not a surprise to hear that you have to change your habits. Nut habit changing is hard, and no one really wants to stick to strict plans for years. This is how to eat cleaner, not for the month or even the year, but forever.

The Outer Ring

It’s not very wise to throw away all the unhealthy foods in your pantry. That may be necessary if you have serious health concerns and need to change immediately, but if you’re just looking for ways to improve you habits in general, throwing away your food is not necessary or, in most cases, affordable. Instead, employ what author James Clear calls the ‘outer ring’ when you go grocery shopping. Try your best to stick to the perimeter of the store, where the real, whole foods are. If you don’t go into the aisles, you’re much less likely to buy processed foods and fall victim to impulse-buy-syndrome, saving you some money. Staples like bread (yes, carbs are not the devil), eggs, veggies and fruits can do wonders for your health. You’re also less likely to buy drinks like soda and concentrated juices, which can add thousands of empty calories to your diet every month.


Knowledge Is Power

It’s not likely that you have the time to count your macros, calories, proteins, and so much more every day for the rest of your life. And even if you do have the time, its less likely that you’ll stick with it. But even though keeping meticulous notes may be going a bi overboard, it’s perfectly reasonable to educate yourself on those topics. What are macros? Which foods have which nutrients? How do those nutrients affect my body? This knowledge will pop up in your head while choosing what to eat, and when your body is trying to tell you something. So, the next time you have a terrible headache, it’s ‘Maybe I need some electrolytes’ instead of ‘What on God’s green earth have I done to deserve this pain?’

Specific Meal Plans

I use the term ‘meal plan’ loosely here. You may be the type of person that writes down all their meals for the month or year, or you may not be. But no matter how you choose to eat, you should make sure that is for your specific body. Figure out which foods affect your skin or make you bloated. Next time you visit the doctor, ask her about what your diet is lacking. And then incorporate that into you diet. The only one responsible for how you eat is you, and that’s the same person that’s going to have to face the consequences down the road. Will they be positive or negative consequences? Eating cleaner is, of course important for the environment and your bank account (unless you go health-food crazy). But most importantly, it’s important for you.

Why do you want to eat cleaner? Want a more in-depth price comparison for clean eating? Have you tried the outer ring method? Let me know in the comments below!

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